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Unfortunately, many owners of houses and cottages located in tregion are faced with the problem of a lack of allocated power.


Individual housing construction is developing at a rapid pace. Many dream of living on a permanent basis in the suburbs. But the lack of allocated power becomes the main obstacle to the realization of the dream. It is logical that the active development of modern technologies contributes to a significant increase in the number of powerful energy consumers. Quite often in cottages and country houses are used:

  • underfloor heating systems;
  • electric supply water heaters;
  • washing machines with a drying function;
  • high-power electric stoves;
  • multifunctional air conditioning and heating systems.

But it is simply not possible to use their functionality to the full extent, since many villages in are supplied with electricity through outdated substations. They are designed for relatively small loads, which are only enough to connect a few "main" appliances. The allocated capacity for the house was enough several decades ago, when multifunctional household appliances and systems were simply not used.

To solve this problem is quite difficult, but possible. To do this, you can:

  • agree with government authorities on a larger allocated capacity for the house;
  • find ways to generate electricity offline, for example, using wind turbines;
  • use modern systems and devices that significantly reduce energy consumption. These include sensors, thermostats, etc.;
  • to abandon powerful energy consumers, i.e. automatic lawn watering systems, dryers, water heaters. It is logical that this is the easiest and at the same time inconvenient way to solve the problem;
  • use priority load relays.