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We continue to introduce you to interesting devices developed by ebuilding at different times.

At one facility, the task was to ensure automatic start of the air conditioner when the diesel station is turned on in order to avoid overheating of the latter. There were no suitable solutions on the market, we had to come up with our own. The main problem was the customer's reluctance to connect directly to the air conditioner.


In order to enable the slave air conditioner, one more remote control from the air conditioner was needed). On this remote, instead of the start button, it is necessary to solder a two-wire wire to its contacts and lead it through the relay to control the 16U2 controller (Arduino Uno Rev3

Of course, it was necessary to choose a case for all components, preferably one that would fit the board and power supply.

The most interesting task was to find a way to turn on the air conditioner. Turning on by increasing temperature seemed to be the most optimal, but large temperature differences in summer / winter did not allow to fine-tune the response threshold (the diesel engine was in the outside room.) But we used a 2-level system of temperature / noise type. When the temperature rose, the motion sensor turned on and if it caught rhythmic fluctuations for a certain time (from the operation of the diesel engine, the system started the air conditioner. It was not possible to start only by the motion sensor because the number of false positives was high. When the diesel stopped working when the energy was restored, the system also stopped working turned off the air conditioner by imitation of pressing the remote control button.


During the operation, no flaws were identified. The system works great to this day.