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Saving electrical energy — an important aspect in the conduct of production activities. It is logical that reducing the cost of resource consumption can significantly improve the well-being of the enterprise, and therefore has a positive effect on its development and expansion. But in order to save money, you should not sacrifice convenience, comfort and safety.

As practice shows, the most convenient and rational solution — use of infrared sensors. They register thermal radiation, and when a person is detected, they turn on a certain system. For example, it could be:

  • lighting;
  • heating;
  • air conditioning system;
  • ventilation.

Many manufacturing facilities have long corridors, walkways, storage areas or basements. Of course, they are not used all the time. That is why it is impractical to cover them for 24 hours a day. It is much more convenient to turn on appliances (for example, lamps or fixtures) only when it is really required, that is, when a person appears. This is how motion sensors work. They turn on the lighting system when a person is detected, and then turn it off automatically. Obviously, this mode of operation of the equipment can significantly reduce production costs.

Many enterprises have video surveillance systems installed. Their mode of operation can also be controlled using a motion sensor. The system will automatically turn on if the sensor detects movement in the room. With the help of special devices, it is possible to switch the electrical circuits of almost any equipment installed at the factory. They will function and, accordingly, consume electrical energy, only in those moments when it is really necessary.