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Our readers ask us a lot of questions regarding energy saving. One of the most common is the question of the efficiency of LED lamps, their payback periods and ways to save on the purchase of lamps.

If we are talking about Chinese lamps, then on the popular Aliexpress website, prices start at $3 per lamp. Of course, there is a temptation to try to buy such lamps, saving on cost and energy consumption. but not everything is so rosy.

Cheap bulbs tend to have poor LEDs, mediocre cooling, and worst of all, high ripple. Let us dwell on the latter in more detail. The luminous flux pulsation coefficient is an important parameter for the comfortable use of the lamp. It should not exceed 20% according t, and for children's and educational institutions the requirements are even stricter. Simply put, the light flashes at a frequency of 100 Hertz, that is, 100 flashes per second. If the indicator is higher than normal, many will have headaches, fatigue and other consequences. It is not noticeable to the eye, but it affects the mind.

The ripple depends on the power supply, the driver. It can be stabilized and on a capacitor. In order to reduce the cost, they put a driver on a capacitor, from which there are ripples, this affects 90% of cheap lamps on Internet bazaars from Kitach.

The other parameters are not that important. In general, such lamps are only suitable for offices where there is no constant presence of a person. They are not suitable for normal use. If you take normal lamps, then taking into account the dollar exchange rate, the difference is not so great. In general, we recommend:

1. Do not take cheap lamps from China for everyday needs.

2. It is more expedient to make such expenses at the repair stage, when, against the background of the general estimate, the difference is not so big, plus you immediately buy diode lamps (you do not need to spend money on others.

3. Choose lamps with a good radiator, and with a normal ripple coefficient.

4. Calculate your purchase costs and energy savings.  If your lights are constantly on, replace those lamps where it is more necessary. It is important to understand that at the current level of electricity prices, lamps do not pay off for a long time.