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Ready-made kits for automating apartments and private houses are becoming more and more popular. But not always they can fully satisfy the requirements and wishes of the owners. In such a situation, it is advisable to use special controllers for "smart home" systems. With their help, it is possible to create individual solutions with the required functionality. The devices of the Vera line have gained popularity among buyers. These are relatively inexpensive, but at the same time effective devices for automation.

All products in the line use the same software and are designed to interact with Z-Wave devices. Also, Vera controllers provide the ability to work with devices that use protocols:

  • Insteon;
  • X10.

Vera series controllers are designed to create an interconnection between the various components of the smart home system. With their help, it is possible, for example, to ensure that the lighting system is switched on when a motion sensor is triggered. It does not require an internet connection. Without a network connection, you can perform all basic tasks and some secondary functions.

Vera controllers provide convenient control of the smart home system; using various mobile offers. You can control the equipment using a tablet, smartphone. The key advantage of the devices of this brand is that they have the function of sending important information via SMS, email or push messages.

Vera series controllers are compatible with digital cameras that are part of IP video surveillance systems. Accordingly, their use makes it possible to implement almost any idea related to the control of equipment at the facility.

The most popular and sought-after models are:

  • VeraLite. This controller is the cheapest in the line. It has a USB input. The device can be powered by AA batteries;
  • Vera3. This controller can act as a router, as it supports the Wi-Fi standard 802.11n. Up to two hundred devices can be connected to it;
  • Vera Edge. The most modern and productive controller in the line. It has a SoC with a frequency of 600 MHz, while the storage capacity is 128MB. The controller can work with 220 devices at the same time. The device has a built-in Wi-Fi module.