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Smart home in crisis

It's no secret that the crisis in the economy is forcing us to abandon the so-called luxury items. A smart home, in the understanding of most consumers, is an attribute of luxury. A thing expensive and necessary only in order to amuse one's pride. However, Ebuilding specialists have prepared a list of what can be automated without spending a lot of money, but creating significant savings in energy consumption, which will grow along with utility tariffs, which are being pushed forward by the recent inflation.

1. Dispatch systems.

This is the first thing you should think about if it is not clear what, how and at what time you spend money, it is not clear how to save. Automation of data collection from metering devices is, first of all, your key to understanding exactly your specifics of energy consumption. How much light is on. How much do you pay for air conditioning, gas for water. Yes, of course, there are Internet services of this kind, but they are scattered and not always convenient, here the information is stored in a form ready for analysis. After the first figures are received, you can begin a detailed analysis of what the market offers.

2. Power cut devices

This is not only a remote shutdown — it also turns off electrical appliances under certain conditions. For example:

  • a thermostat that will turn off your electric heating when the set temperature is reached, you can also turn off underfloor heating
  • Turn off all the lights in the house based on the motion sensor in a certain period of time
  • Turn off assistive devices.
  • Priority relay to solve the problem of lack of power in suburban areas.

All these devices are not so expensive, often they do not require additional power and a central computer to work. The disadvantages flow from the advantages. You cannot configure all devices from a single center, set many parameters, write complex usage scenarios. But in some cases, they can save a lot.

2. Application of energy efficient technologies.

We will not talk about the benefits of LED light bulbs. But the scope of energy-efficient technologies includes many devices, here are just some of them.

  • Dimmers that dim the lighting on a timer. There are dimmers equipped with a built-in luxmeter to keep the illumination constant depending on the time of day.
  • Windows with automatic ventilation system with temperature sensor
  • Modern insulation and finishing materials
  • Unified home control system.

You can learn more about a particular system in the relevant sections on our website.


3. Autonomous power supply.

This is a rather expensive way to save money. Ebuilding specialists identify 2 main scenarios for using these devices

  • Storage of energy using external sources. (solar panels)
  • Energy reserve using the difference between day and night rates.

The first is applicable in the southern parts of our country or in the countryside. The new generation of solar panels shows its effectiveness even in central Russia. The second allows you to store cheap electricity at night and use it during the day. You seem to be constantly using the night rate.

This is not a complete list of possible ways to save money. Follow our publications and we will tell you about new ways to save money with ebuilding..