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  • Tarasov Anton Borisovich
    To solve the problem of the shortage of allocated capacities in the cottage settlement, which was being built by my company, we turned to E-Building. This was our first joint project and we were pleased with the result. We look forward to the same productive cooperation with this company in the future.
  • Marina Lobacheva
    We ordered an energy audit for our industrial enterprise from this company. I liked how the study was carried out, the specialists came to us at the appointed time, a contract for services was concluded, after which they started work. We were given detailed recommendations, now we are discussing when it is better to use them. Most likely, we will entrust the optimization work to the same company.
  • Anton Suponev
    I contacted you because I wanted to switch to autonomous power supply for a long time. Due to periodic power outages, my business suffered serious losses, even short-term power outages were very dangerous. So I started looking for a company that could quickly solve this problem. Your specialists professionally approached my situation, the program was developed for me in a short time, I did not even make adjustments to it, everything was so well thought out. The installation was completed within the promised time frame. For more than 2 months now I have not had any problems with electricity, there have never been overloads and shutdowns during this time. Thank you very much!
  • Alyona T.
    E-Building has developed an energy optimization system for our hotel complex. Went to them on the advice of a designer. Didn\'t regret it. They created an individual program for us. Now we are not afraid of any power outages, everything is optimized and works under any circumstances. Among the main advantages of this company, one can single out an integrated approach to work and an individual approach to clients. That is, they took into account everything that we needed, the features of the building. We did everything ourselves: from design to installation. They also carry out subsequent maintenance, so there is no fear of unforeseen breakdowns in the future.
  • Igor Moiseenkov
    Thanks to the E-Building company for the smart home system. Initially, when it was planned to finish the apartment, I was skeptical about this development, I thought that in fact it did not represent any benefit, just a tribute to fashion. But then I came across an article on the Internet and decided to just find out the prices and generally study the offers of Moscow firms. I was attracted by the honesty of this company. They explained everything in an accessible way, told what they could offer, how to manage this system as a result. In general, they interested me. After consulting with my wife, I decided to place an order with them for the automation of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and electricity consumption. The package was not complete, but close to it. Everything was developed taking into account our wishes, now we control the climate and other systems in our apartment from the phone. The resource savings are really great.
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