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Ebuilding's integrated energy automation system for warehouses is designed to minimize owner costs. It is achieved in the following ways:

• Warehouse power supply automation;
• Possibility of installing stations for recharging electrical equipment serving warehouse using power supply automation system;
• Creating a unified object security scheme;
• Creation of a unified dispatching system.

Modern Warehouse — it is a complex multifunctional facility that combines many subsystems, the management of which, with serious security requirements. Ebuilding specialists have extensive experience in designing warehouses and will be happy to offer you a comprehensive project of an automation system for both a finished warehouse and an object under construction.

Let's take a closer look at each stage of complex automation of energy management.

1. Energy management optimization;

2. Automation of engineering systems;

3. Dispatching the energy accounting system;

4. Integrated security system of the facility.

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