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Automation of control systems

LLC "E-Building" provides services for complex automation of engineering systems. We will effectively solve the problem of lack of electricity using only the existing connection.

How to properly organize the management of utility networks, to avoid regular power outages at peak loads? How to improve the efficiency of heating and ventilation equipment?

LLC "E-Building" offers a system of integrated automation of energy consumption (SKAE). We use our own developments and proven algorithms

Advantages of automation of control systems:


  • providing the facility with the necessary amount of energy;
  • improving the quality of engineering network management;
  • saving on utility bills;
  • the possibility of remote monitoring guarantees maximum comfort and safety;
  • there is no need to connect additional power from municipal power grids;
  • no need to waste time on obtaining permits and paperwork.

When automating control systems, the power of the consumed electricity increases to the required values due to the dynamic distribution of loads in real time. To do this, a controller is used and priorities are set. In case of critical loads, the less important consumer will be disconnected.

When automating engineering systems, it is possible to organize an uninterrupted power supply. Special rechargeable batteries accumulate energy during the period of underutilization of the network, and then compensate for the peak consumption.

Automation of engineering systems from "E-Building" – reliable, modern, profitable

E-Building specialists practice an integrated approach, including:

  • sale;
  • installation;
  • setting up;
  • service.

As a result of cooperation, the client receives a high-quality and energy-efficient management system for engineering networks.

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