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solar park

South of Russia is a great place to introduce various energy-saving technologies based on solar energy. For example, the municipality of Krasnodar ordered the installation of parking meters to ensure the functioning of the paid parking system, equipping them with solar panels.

According to the company-developer, the system allows you to work autonomously for a whole week if cloudy weather persists. It was not possible to find out whether the backup power was supplied from a conventional power grid. Developer company «Lanter» also indicates significant differences in the price of domestic development compared to its foreign counterparts, which ultimately has a positive effect on the city's budget. For example, there is no need to pull communications to new devices that can be compactly placed anywhere near the roadway. If necessary, the system software (Linux-based OS) can be updated over the air.

The plans include notifying the management organization about a critically low battery charge, online accounting of accepted money, and even the ability to charge gadgets with a sufficient level of charge of the parking meter itself.

To date, about 70 solar-powered parking meters have been installed in Krasnodar, and it is planned that their number will grow.