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Energy Saving and Energy Efficient
Ebuilding's efficient building management system allows not only to automate the process of managing various communications, but also, thanks to the use of energy-efficient technologies, it helps to reduce current energy consumption.

Our technologies allow you to:
• reduce energy costs;
• reduce the number of staff;
• increase comfort and safety;
• reduce the risks of emergency situations;

We are ready to offer you various ways to save money:

1. Passive house

(Passive house) is primarily an energy-saving room, the distinctive black of which is the use of efficient technologies in construction, and not active management consumers as in the case of a smart home. Passive houses are initially designed taking into account the characteristics of the terrain, climate, and even the number of potential residents. Much attention is paid to high-quality glazing. All this makes it possible to achieve a significant (sometimes up to 80%) reduction in the amount of electricity consumption compared to a conventional modern building. The following technologies are used for this:
•Leveling the so-called "cold bridges" - places of potential heat leakage;
•The overall compactness of the whole structure, necessary to avoid empty spaces.
•Passive use of solar energy due to the orientation of the building to the south and the absence of shading;
•High-quality double-glazed windows;
•The building is being built as airtight as possible;
•Maximum use of the generated heat thanks to recuperation technology;
•High quality wiring and electrics.

2. Alternative energy sources.

• Lighting control with alternative sources;
• Heating control (gas, thermal, etc.), storage, underfloor heating;
• Climate control (ventilation, air conditioning and maintaining the set temperature);
• Heating water with solar collectors or a heat pump;
• Passive air heating using, for example, an earth heat exchanger

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